How It Works

Indian foods are usually made of rice or wheat which are loaded with carbohydrates. This food composition can be dangerous for people with obesity and diabetes. Doctors, dieticians and nutritional scientists at Diet Delite have been able to produce traditional Indian foods such as idli, dosa and chapati without using rice or wheat. This was a major challenge as it was difficult to get the right consistency and taste. Our team after about two years of hard work could crack the code and reinvent Indian foods to make them healthy and diet-friendly. Rice and wheat have a high glycemic index close to sugar and elicit body responses which result in fat storage and increase in blood sugar. We have avoided this entirely by not including rice or wheat as ingredients in our products. Our medical team led by Dr.Paramesh Shamanna, senior diabetologist have done detailed studies comparing the traditional rice idli, wheat chapati vs. the dal idli and diet chapati. The results were in great favour of the dal idli and diet idli as shown below